Guide to Reformatting a Sony Vaio Laptop

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Sony Vaio

Sony is a multinational company which is a leading manufacturer of electronic products. A specific series of Sony laptop is named as VAIO series which means Video Audio Integrated Operation.

Normally, Sony Vaio laptops come with a Vaio discovery Center. This is an application which can be used to restore the hard drive in case if you face any issues like malware infection. Sony also includes a recovery partition which is actually a portion of hard drive which contains Windows files and defaults drivers.

You don’t need a recovery disc in case if your laptop includes Recover Center feature. You can reformat and do a system recovery using this feature. Once I had some similar issues and I contacted Sony laptop support for assistance. They provided me step by step instructions to fix my computer. Here we will discuss the steps to reformat your Sony laptop without using a recovery disc.

Reformatting your Sony Vaio laptop

1)      You can click on Start menu and select All Programs.

2)      You can see a link named Vaio Recovery Center in the programs list. Click on it.

3)      When you restore C drive you will lose all the data and programs installed in it. In the Vaio Recovery Center interface you will have an option to click on Restore C : Drive.

4)      Then you click on Nexton the window.


Reformat your computer

5)      Then you can start the restoration of C: Drive by clicking the option Start. It will take some time to complete the restoration process. The C drive will be reformatted and the system will be configured back to factory settings in few minutes.

After completing the restoration process you can click on Reinstall Programs and Drivers to reinstall the default drivers and programs. Before restoring the drive you can take a back up of the important files in an external drive as you will lose all the data after restoring the drive.

If you don’t want to follow these steps you can buy a Windows XP CD and insert it in the CD drive. Press F10 while starting the computer and this will help you to boot from the CD. Now you can reformat the computer using a CD and will be able to install Windows XP on your computer. If you have any doubts in any of the steps you can contact Sony laptop support for assistance.

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