How to swap hard drive platters?

hard disk drive, swap

data recovery

Why you do a platter swap?

When you do hard drive platters you are doing that when you have exhausted all methods and your cash flow restricts the use of a technician. You are definitely aware of the fact that your data is important then you have to swap the drive come what may. The steps you do when you swap a drive does not guarantee that your data will not be lost so it is important that you try methods like swapping the controller board than going for the hard drive swap.

What are the steps you have to do for swapping drives?

You have to follow the steps given below to swap hard disk drive platters.

hard disk drive, swap

data recovery

  1. First get a new hard drive that is exactly the same model as your existing drive
  2. Then set up a clean environment in your room that is dust free for that turn off the fan and air conditioners so that no air circulates when you swap out the platters.
  3. Then assemble and layout your tools.
  4. You have to use powder free latex gloves.
  5. Then remove the cover of your dead drive to expose its internal components and inspect the platters.
  6. If there is any damage to the platter like scratches or scorch, then leave the platter because whatever damaged the old platter is going to damage the new drive as well.
  7. Then unscrew and remove the cover of the new hard drive.
  8. Then touch an unpainted portion of the pc to look for static electricity and wear an static electric watch to guard against it.
  9. Extract the platters from the existing drive.
  10. Then extract the platters from the new drive as well
  11. Then mount the donor drive instead of the dead drive.
  12. Then start copying data from the old drive and you get only one or two chances with the dead drive, the process ends with a lot of noise.
  13. Then remove the hard disk and get rid of it .It is bound to fail once the copying is completed the donor drive.

Hopefully you can do this process of swapping hard disk drive your computer without fail whenever you face such issues. This time tested method is always useful whenever a data recovery issue rises.

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